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We provide the Best Quality New Zealand Manufactured Products, including skincare, health supplements, Manuka honey series, goat milk products, throat lozenges, throat spray, soap and alpaca bedding.

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Best-Selling Products on Kiwicorp

No 1. Deer Placenta

Deer placenta is a 100% natural source of Hyaluronic Acid which improves the texture and appearance of skin, preserves collagen and moisture, increases skin elasticity, Deer Placenta also contains many anti-oxidant ingredients that may assist anti-aging effects and revitalization of the entire body. 

No 2. PSII +Ha Placenta Serum

Contains 100% pure Placenta Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, collagen and other vital skin care ingredients, prevents pigmentation and wrinkles to retain the softness and fairness of skin.

No 3. Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey UMF® is renowned for its unique antibacterial activity properties as well, as it efficient therapy for digestive complaints ranging from acid reflux, gastritis, diarrhea and ulcers to fungal infections. 

About KiwiCorp UMF® Manuka Honey

UMF® 5+ │ UMF® 10+ │ UMF® 20+

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